Thursday, September 29, 2011

just finished

my first homework assignment of the semester.

i was going to say i should start being more productive, but i think i actually started doing so this evening.

so hooray for that.

Monday, August 29, 2011

first day of school

yep, summer's over. it wasn't as awesome as past summers for sure, but i knew that ahead of time and had an alright one anyway. went to a wedding, got my two summer classes done, saw brant when he visited, saw hopesfall with travis, had a few days to chill in deep creek and saw some people i hadn't seen in a minute before going to philly with the rents. last weekend was suppose to be epic in DC with Eli, but hurricane Irene made other plans and the weekend was epic in Richmond.

had class today, kinda cool only having it 3 days a week, and not before 530. TCP/IP seems like its going to be interesting, and Intro to SAP looks like a cross between info360 and mgmt 320...BORING.

Monday, August 8, 2011

the way i see it, summer's just about over

and as i said, once my summer classes got done i knew i'd be a little more stoked on taking them and not going home for the summer (i got B's in both of them btw). and although at times i was in doubt of that, now knowing 4 classes stand between me and being done with this thing we call "higher education" im pretty stoked.

in recent weeks a couple things have happened: i sold both my video game systems, i got a new phone, saw james/morris' band play (basement dweller, check that shit), had a gastro appointment and scheduled surgery for later this month, bought tickets to see detroit play in washington 10/22/11, saw jd when she came down for cait's birthday, and went with travis to winston-salem to see the hopesfall reunion.

in the coming weeks i have a few things planned before school starts back up: back home to hangout with hannah for a bit/take her to the airport, best friends day, a gastro procedure, a weekend in DC with Eli, and then the weekend after school starts a trip to Philly to chill with Nathan and Adrian

that show was way sweet, the area of winston-salem looked pretty shitty. but everything else was pretty cool, we got there WAAAYYYYYY too early however and sat around in my car for 3 hours before the show even started. Harvard was alrighty, and Hopesfall was super sweet. The raddest part was easily all the older kids moshing with the biggest smiles on their faces, you could tell some of them had been waiting for that day for a long time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

ffbg - intro

her body was lying on the floor: dead, cold and rotting. she had a 12-gauge shotgun pointed to the back of her head. i pulled out a dull, rusty pocketknife i found in my back seat. i stabbed her in the throat and i took her to her car. i ripped out her rib cage and i fucked her heart like she did mine. defiling the carcass of a gutted harlot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i really just dont care for summer

my polish ass can't deal with the heat and humidity. i can't stop sweating and can't go outside, i feel like i'm confined to an area with constant streams of air conditioning and i just chill at home all day in my underwear. looking back at journal entries from my paper diaries it's about this time i wish for school to start back up and my weeks to be filled with a little more entertainment.

im realizing this week is going a lot like last week, chilling early in the week and putting off an assignment that's due thursday until the day before. only three weeks left in this class and then im done, i do however need to put in work for it before it's done. i just need to sit down and do it, which has been harder to do since kevin and i started up a netflix account.

i finished up the rest of arrested development as i never saw the end. got to where buster got his hand bitten off with my friend maneesha a few semesters back but never got back to it till yesterday. also watched the first season of archer. been watching netflix for 3 days straight pretty much, and it's already been well worth the $4.

really just waiting for august to start as i have a lot of fun things planned/fun weekends ahead. it may actually compete with april for the radest month of the year.and i'm starting it off with a trip home for a dr's appointment and a quick neighbor chiller, and you already know what that means.

Monday, July 18, 2011

this day last year

i was on a plane coming back to norfolk from atlanta and before that milwaukee

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

i think

brant coming to hangout was just what i needed. a good 6 days or so just to chill the fuck out and do not much of anything. congratulations to the boston bruins on defeating the vancouver canucks in the stanley cup finals. today kinda sucked though, spent my entire day in the business building trying to finish my assignments for my first summer class. only to come up a single screenshot short of what i needed to be completely finished. then to top it off i didnt have something installed to get a major portion of something else done in my second summer class. oy vei. work and maybe the river tomorrow? work all day saturday and then baseball with the rents sunday. stoked. next week shouldn't suck as much.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

so far in most aspects

im regretting not going home for the summer.

too much free time is not how i envisioned my summer, hopefully i can get a second job here in the coming weeks. perhaps. i dunno.

just sucks knowing i could be making bank currently.

Monday, June 6, 2011

i need to

start doing these assignments that are worth a third of my final grade in info472 soon.

today's been long, im going to bed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the wedding of albert novak and brittany tice

last wednesday, cat and i rode up to philly to chill with nathan and adrian for the evening before making our way to new york. got there and adrian was actually in nj attending to something.

thursday morning woke up to delicious pancakes and coffee before cat and i went out shoe shopping to match her cute dress. after a few spots, and a few more hundred miles we found some red flats at target (go figure). got to queensbury later then expected and chilled for a bit with my cousin jennifer and her boyfriend brad. trilled hard and watched archer. 

friday picked up my tux and we made our way to our hotel room in the outskirts of schenectady. hit up the pool at the hotel and the liquor store down the street. cat, adrian and my mother got tipsy while i got dropped off at the wedding rehearsal and then later met up with them for the dinner. chowed down and crashed super hard after that.

saturday was judgement day and also the day of the wedding. woke up early and had a quick swim with nathan before i went to my aunt/uncles to get ready. nate came too as he was shooting the wedding. was 15 minutes late to their house but that was alright as i was the first person there who didn't live there. slowly the other groomsmen piled in and then AJ came in exclaiming he felt like shit and he had to hurl. he slowly got it together and we got dressed/ready for the big day. leaving the crib was cool, didn't know we'd be styling to the wedding in a limo. a glass of cheap champagne and a quick stop at the liquor store equaled to be about 4 drinks before the actual wedding started, and for somebody who doesn't drink that often (and never that early) i was pretty set as far as being "set" went. walked my aunt tina down the aisle to her seat at the beginning of the wedding and then accompanied cousin jennifer down the aisle. watched my cousin get married, congrats to AJ and Brittany! a dozen of us rode to the reception styling hard again in the limo, another limo ride = more drinking. got to the reception smirking like a tipsy smartass who was only halfway through his day of ballin' hard in his lavender tuxedo. cousin jennifer exclaimed brad was on the other side of the parking lot with a surprise for us. after this pleasant surprise we went in and got a look at the reception area, such a nice place the reception was at. ordered a drink as soon as i got there as i was told only the first hour of the reception was open bar. however it turned out to be the entire evening, so i was like fuck it...wound up having 7 jack and cokes. yep, was a fun afternoon to say the least. ate dinner, and stood by the stage with jennifer as aj and brittany had their first dance, noticed jenn and i were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with that hand on the others far shoulder. asked her if we were supporting each other up and she responded, "if you're asking, it's happening". we both lol'd and decided not to break character as to not draw attention to us. talked to some relatives i never see, gave'm the school/work/life breakdown right quick. talked to my grandparents. grandma informed me she had a surprise for me, then told me a second later it was my favorite cookies she makes. think dunkin doughnuts doughnut holes but a million times better and made from a whole package of crushed up double stuff oreos, as i tweeted earlier this week "best cookies ever, your grandma's cookies ain't got shit on grandma novak's". looked down at my watch at 5:59pm, a minute before the world was suppose to end, and told cat that if the world ended in a minute thanks for being my bfffl and thanks for accompanying me to the wedding. turned out the world didn't end and lord satan ensured i had more time to enjoy the ballin' afternoon. oh yeah, all those jack and coke's must have done something to me as far as getting pent up urges to dance went. as the evening progressed the playlist got a little more geared towards the younger crowd and dancing ensued. chilled out a bit more after the reception and then crashed the hardest i had all weekend.

sunday we were on our way back home as i was 500 miles away from home and needed to be in class at 1pm monday. got to philly to drop off nathan and adrian, chill pills and a coffee before getting back on the road. made a few stops and eventually got back to richmond around 1130pm. 

overall, rad weekend. more people need to get married soon so i can attend more weddings, realtalk.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

As it stands

knowing I could of been done with college yesterday is an odd feeling, i don't regret at all not being done though as my first two years of school bullshitting and chilling hard were entirely worth it. procrastinating shit till the last second only to ultimately either not do it or give a half ass effort and then play halo 2 with everybody in semaj and i's dorm or walking to brant's car to go to taco bell at quarter to two on a tuesday morning. these are the time's im not going to forget from school, not to mention all the other ridiculousness that ensued in that dorm room.

then eliminating my social life and staying on my grind all last year with ashley and the constant cycle of school, work, and the library to turn my GPA around after changing majors from mathematics to information systems.

this year of balancing more things out i believe with a little less emphasis on school but still maintaining my grades, i only would have liked to of worked a little more this school year. but oh well, that's what the summer's for anyway right?

crazy to think i've been in this city for four years and this is going to be my first summer residing in richmond. taking the opportunity to knock out some summer classes so i won't be obligated to my studies come spring time. it'll be interesting to see as to what transpires when i don't have to go to class and im here working and riding out my lease.

however im not entirely sure how i feel about staying here for the summer, past summers i was bitching and moaning about going back home to deep creek to stay bored and to get on my 40-hour a week/4-day work grind. however the internship treated me well all three summers and left me with some 3 day weekends i can never forget:

Tennessee for July 4th weekend 2009 to chill with Brant
JMU to trill with Morris and Erika
NYC with Keo and the three Dorsey sisters
Countless RVA trips for the weekends
Philadelphia plenty of times to see my brother
Last year's insanity July 4th Weekend with JD (and god damn do i miss her)
Trips to Delaware with father to see the Outlaws at Delaware International Speedway
Wisconsin to see Grandma and Hannah

and that was only the past two summers as i can't remember too much of what i did the first one, but remember it was full of plenty of RVA trips.

I bitched about how bored I stayed during the week at home, but even that wasn't too bad. I had my neighbors who are always holding it down and ready to chill whenever, my sister's clay and allyse to get into all sorts of craziness with, lisa chan to take to dinner and have girltalk with. realtalk, i'm going to miss not being home at some points in the summer i believe, but no worries i'll find my way down there a couple times before the summer's all said and done.

i do look forward to being here though as well, hanging out with people i always try to chill with but never do during the school year due to conflicting schedules. hanging out with everybody i see on a regular basis and hanging out more in general.

next week is my cousin's wedding in upstate new york, im excited. cat and i are meeting up with nathan and adrian in philly, then riding up the next day to chill hard with my other cousin for a night before the weekend of festivities begins.

when i get back to richmond i start my summer class that monday at 1pm. till late june i'll be on a 1-315 monday through thursday school schedule and working hopefully too much on the weekends. then after that it's just a tuesday and thursday night 6-840pm class till early august, but hopefully that allows for more travel time as i can then actually get some shifts during the week. 

you can see where im skeptical as compared to past summers how this one will go.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

6-2 on my first round picks

next year i'll be sure not to assume the 8th seed's are going to upset the 1st seed's so easily.

april's been rad, detroit swept their series, i saw the phillies beat the nationals. finished my third of 3 tests earlier this morning for the week.

pat's 21st/going home for a little bit this weekend, should be rad. i've got a project due by late tuesday night that im not stoked on.

semi-finals picks:
Tampa over Washington
Philly over Boston

Vancouver over Nashville
Detroit over San Jose

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st round picks

Washington/New York

San Jose/Los Angeles

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"the best month of 2011"

we'll see, it's been pretty rad thus far. rad chiller for alexa's birthday, got to sleep in the next day as well then watched Wrestlemania. pre-gamed for explosions in the sky with kdog and heard my favorite song when i saw them last time (Your Hand In Mine), and my current favorite song by them (Yasmin The Light). went to raleigh with jeremy to see the Wings play the Hurricanes, and although they lost I had a rad time hanging out. had a good weekend as well.

got more accomplished on a monday then i have in a long time, and although i didn't complete the two intended tasks. im kinda stoked i had such a productive day. and even better, had lunch with good people.

im stoked for thursday (Philly's vs Nationals) and to be in the company of good people. not to mention getting my car back! this weekend also looks pretty promising.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this past weekend was rad

kinda crazy too, as crazy as 3 nights in a row of drinking will allow. friday was laura's bday party which was rad, got pretty tipsy and biked the length of hanover to get back to my crib. miss living on that side of the fan, sssooooo much quieter. saturday after work went over to nate's for his 23rd and prince's going away party, that was rad. cait in her drunken generosity offered me a proposition i may not be able to refuse. kinda stoked. picked up a drunken sarah bennett way later in the early morning then i would of liked and dropped her off at carlos'. after work sunday chilled with semaj for a while, which was rad because we haven't done that in forever. drank over at lauren's with a few people. now im halfway through this boring week of school. feeling sick today, but now im just chilling in the back of mgmt320 listening to the wings/blues game.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

nathans birthday

upon arrival to philly saturday after work, cat and i got up with nathan and adrian after dinner with a bunch of friends. hungout at the apartment with everyone and chilled for a bit before bed. sunday explored an old abandoned elementary school, shit was crazy. later in the evening went for sushi, nathan and i turned to glutenous pigs and demolished as much as possible. watched some films nathan had made in school on a projector and chilled the rest of the evening away. today we left philly and came back to richmond, i dropped cat off and picked up sb to exchange cars with dad in newport news. came back and watched the pens defeat the wings.

fun spring break, not stoked on this week in the least.

Friday, March 18, 2011

halfway through spring break

and it's been pretty rad. did good on my tests before spring break.had a fun photo shoot with colleen and then lunch. saw waiting mortuary later that night in a basement on hell block. next night chilled with prince and the crew over at nate's house for his welcome home party. went to chesapeake after work sunday and hungout with the neighbors, sister allyse, and lisa chan for a bit while home. mad fun, good trip home. been working 12-C, Friday will be day three of that. chilled at dudestorm annex for st. patty's day tonight. probably gonna go to bed right after work friday, to open saturday and then drive to philly with catherine to chill with nate and adrian, sssoooo stoked for that.

Monday, March 7, 2011

staying on my grind until spring break

then who knows? maybe i'll stay on it during the break too.

worked all god damn weekend (which is sweet, the last two paychecks have been peanuts). did my laundry this morning and am in mid-GSD with Cat. just ran 4 miles in under 40 minutes, ssssooooo stoked. work 3-C, then Library to study for Econ303 and do some Fire311.

Got 2 tests and an assignment due this week, then I have an 11-day spring break. CHYEAH!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

so heavy

nothing would get my dick harder

then what i just got a phone call about working out.

productive day

although i didn't get all that i wanted accomplished today, i did get a lot of shit done. went to my info systems classes and sat in the compass with nick, travis and colleen, but not before getting some pantera bread (turkey artichoke). gsd grind with cat, you already know. sat through a ridiculous sub that had horrible hand writing in fire311. econ was sweet as always and i did my homework due thursday tonight! boomshakalaka!

i also got some ridiculous parking ticket today over some shit i've never heard of and there was no sign anywhere around. parked at the street behind my crib and park, apparently you can't park within 20 feet of an intersection in richmond. the fuck? first time i've heard of this, and i've  never seen tickets for that on any cars parked how i was before. soooo pissed.

sunday sucked though, work was alright but then i took a nap and felt shitty when i woke up. i had the oddest of stomach pains i'd ever had and tried to settle my stomach with a slice of bread. that made me blow chunks like 2 minutes later. looked and it was red as shit with what i had forgotten to be the blueberries i had eaten upon arriving home from work. by this point im like "whoa! what the fuck? what do i do?" however, i felt a million times better after i hurled so then i rolled over to carlos to chill with him, q and sb.

TRADE DEADLINE MONDAY: my stomach was still aggrivating me. however, not nearly to the degree it was sunday when i woke up from my nap. gsd grind with cat, and watched part of the game.

attn washington: good move picking up arnott, ovi hasn't lived up to the hype this year. and an assist tonight? ya'll  stoked. however i still believe tampa has your number, and i mean you guys can only go up from your performance last year in the playoffs. boom.

attn san jose: i see you.

attn new jersey: keep winning.

im out, i didn't make a reference sheet for my test tomorrow but it's not till 7p.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

too awesome of a week?

this past week ruled hard, perhaps too hard.

Sunday after work was rad, chilled with Cat and we got on our GSD grind. Got called in Monday and didn't study for shit. Test performance Tuesday was meh, then went to D.C. to see Thursday play with Cait, Nate, Travis, David and Taylor.

Saw Animals As Leaders play their final 2 songs by the time I arrived, was nice to hear. Probably wouldn't listen to it recorded on a normal basis though, none the less it was cool to see what they were about. Thursday was rad. Played Full Collapse from start to finish. Nice album to add to the list of albums I've seen completed from start to finish.

- 7 Angels 7 Plagues/Jhazmyne's Lullaby 8/5/06
- Everything Falls Together/Self-Titled 8/2/08
- Norma Jean/Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child 12/14/09
- Thursday/Full Collapse 2/22/11

Wednesday I chilled way hard and went to class, only after to continue chilling way too hard and not studying for my shit Thursday. Had GT! with SB Thursday morning and studied for my classes, went to SB's for Carlos' dinner and then drove to Creek. When I got there it was a neighbor chiller, you already know.

Friday chilled with Mom at DCHS (SOOOO WEIRD BEING THERE AGAIN) had lunch with her and then went grocery shopping. Admirals game with Dad and got a picture with the Stanley Cup. Today I opened, napped and then got drunk with Dudestorm/Andrassy and then went to see Monster Trucks, shit ruled ssssooooo hard.
Now I'm not doing shit next week, lol.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

this week's going to be awesome.

Sunday: work 9-3, nap, GSD with Cat.
Monday: studying for my Info361 test
Tuesday: test, Thursday in DC with Travis/Cait/Nate
Wednesday: studying for my Fire311 test/Info364 quiz.
Thursday: test/quiz, driving to Deep Creek.
Friday: errands in Creek, hockey game with father, driving back to Creek.
Saturday: open 8-3, monster trucks.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

today was entirely too long

i didn't sleep worth of shit last night, woke up and worked 8-3. drove to chesapeake to tend to some business and get a haircut from sister allyse. came back in time to attend colleen and sam's birthday party, chilled hard. tomorrow promises to be a long day as well 9-530, however i know it'll be a rad evening and i don't have shit to do monday so we'll see how it all pans out.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what this means

I'm held hostage by my own greedy hands. Caught between my goals and dreams and what the cost of living demands. I'll kick. I'll scream. Fight till my dying day. To stay true to me and raise my finger to the adult way. Cause I don't ever want to let my life be run by the things I buy. I want to live for these songs, this smile. Till the day I fucking die. Go. I have a song and it has a meaning. I have a dream and it's just beginning. The people on this stage. The people in the crowd. The reasons behind our voices screaming this loud. Like the blazing sun on a winter's day. The treasure in the tomb of this city called decay. These words give me purpose. This song breathes my life. This is my reason. This is my life. And now I'm sick and now I'm tired of all the shit that comes with growing up. So I'll plant my feet right here. Hearts bound to this hardcore sound. Standing on the edge of the rest of our lives. We were eighteen once before we all died. We were eighteen once with a reason to live. We were reading and writing and dying to give. Changing ourselves and changing the world. Waking up so we could love a girl. Or sing along to the words in a song. Or pen the lyrics to a love gone wrong. We were eighteen once with a reason to live. Vowing never in our lives to turn our backs on this. This won't die.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

thank you kdog

for the greatest news since 2011 started.

this awesome show was 3 years ago today, went with brant, semaj and kevin.

Very rad weekend

Thursday after class chilled with Cat and Kdog for a while after running into Patrice and running errands/walking around with her.

Friday woke up and had breakfast with Travis and Momma Maynard. Went right back to sleep after breakfast until work. Work wasn't too bad, and afterwords got up with Q and went to my old neighbor Matty's house for his birthday in Oregon Hill. Soooo many people at that house, goodness gracious.

Opened Saturday and napped when I got home and then later went to little Dave's 18th bday, saw Cait, Graham and Bryan. Met Cait's new boy, he seems like a pretty rad dude.

Today wasn't horrible at work, left at three and came home to watch the NHL All Star Game. Team Lidstrom all day son, I called that shit. Carlos and Sarah Bennett made me dinner, we watched Taken. That movie rules, so god damn brutal. Said what's up at Dudestorm after, now I'm at the library because my internet sucks at home.

I don't work or have school tomorrow, I'm afraid I'll be horribly bored all day tomorrow. Not used to not being constantly busy, shit's still hard to get used to.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

weird mood as of late

now that i've been thrown back into the rush of school/work/responsibilities i've been craving the lazy/relaxing/enjoyable feeling i felt all winter break. sucks too cause i haven't even done anything academically yet and there's still plenty of time in the semester.

this weekend really drained me of any and all energy, and although today wasn't bad it was still pretty long. i've noticed that i don't enjoy going to class on tuesdays when the sun is almost down, however my schedule is the best possible arrangement i could have had.

i dunno, the winter always sets me in an odd mood. i tend to get less motivated, stay in shitty moods longer, and eat large servings of mac and cheese when boredom strikes.

i know i'd be fine if i had something more to occupy my time, but the past few nights i've just been overwhelmingly in a "meh" mood. it sucks too cause i don't even really have anything to bitch about, i'm just complaining on my blog to myself about irrelevant things that won't even be a problem most likely in a few days. i'm sorry if you've made it this far and are still reading.

i wish i wasn't too lazy to wake up at a respectable time and go to the gym in the mornings, i enjoyed doing that at the end of last spring semester with kdog a couple times a week.

guess i'll see how tomorrow goes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

saturday night

my weekend was overloaded with work: fri 12-c, sat 10-c, sun 9-c, mon 12-430. saturday night hangouts and chris' show ruled. sunday i crashed after work hard right after promising travis i'd pick'm up from work. afterwords went to semaj's to get a bit more organized for the semester, watched him play red dead redemption.. worked today and got off work a half hour early, all too slow. came home and chilled with quintin, now im procrastinating in the library.

and since this is over now i need to find something else on the internet to distract me, later.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


first day of school

my first day wasn't as bad as i had made it out to be about 4 hours ago, however now i can't sleep so my day is beginning to suck a little more.

database systems seems like its going to be pretty painless, and systems analysis and design seems pretty sweet. alex is in both of those classes, so at least now i have someone to talk to in my IS classes (finally).

took ashley to patient first around 2, feel bad for her she definitely has a stomach virus pretty bad. came home and napped for a little. woke up and walked towards the business building again, suddenly becoming aware that i signed up for 4 hours of class starting at 5:30pm

fire311 seems kinda intense, i'm sure i'll get through it though. econ303 didn't seem too bad, kinda picked up where we left off in econ210/211.

ate so much fucking mac and cheese earlier, shit ruled. watched me and you and everybody we know

best scene:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

vacation's over

sucks because it was amazing.

hungout with so many rad people over break, some i hadn't seen in forever. shit was mad fun.

so hopefully by the end of the week i'll only have classes tuesday and thursday, i've got a wednesday night 7pm that im trying to get switched up currently. but here it is currently:

info364 TR 11-1215
info361 TR 1230-145

fire 311 TR 530-645

 econ 303 T 7-940
mgmt 320 W 7-940

words can't describe how stoked i'll be if i can get into the thursday night section of 320. i've had class 5 days a week since my college career began.

today was rad, slept in way longer than promised (half expected). chilled with the shorty, ate pantera bread, chilled at cat and kdogs and played sorry and clue after little mexico with stephanie, anthony, and morris.

i feel way to "antsy" to go to sleep, i ALWAYS have a hard time sleeping before the first day of class. however i'm about to try, i feel pretty damn prepared for tomorrow.

always trying to get lunch tuesday and thursday for anyone down

oh yeah, the beat/bass during the chorus of "Monster" is so ridiculous.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This hasn't been going

as constant as i'd like it to be, however i am coming to the end of my winter break. So as I become more confined to my computer, my responsibilities and my overall ability to get shit done when I need to...I'm sure I'll post more about it. Also, I'm very anxious to see how I balance my time as the semester kicks off and hope I can have another GPA boosting semester.

In an attempt to become less OCD I got a moleskine day planner so I may be more maneuverable than my desk calendar I sported for so long, thanks Nathan for inspiring me to get more organized at the expense of my inner jacker pocket or back right jean pocket.

All I've really done the past few days has been organized my room beyond belief, have dinner with my best friend Catherine at Black Sheep and lunch with Gilline the next day in Deep Creek. I got told I had no cavities again (have still never had one), and that my eyesight has remained the same since my last check-up. Hung out with the rents and chilled hard with the neighbors both nights, you already know.

Work was alright today, I don't really enjoy the idea of having work for the duration of the weekend and having school for Tuesday and Thursday all day and Wednesday night. I think I may look into switching my schedule around during the first week of school.

I got fitted for my tuxedo for cousin AJ's wedding, it should be rad. I'm stoked to have something to look forward to for the end of the semester, a weekend out of town trip would be rad come late Spring time.

Talked to Newport today about the idea of going to a Hurricanes or Caps game by the end of the season, I support it. Three NHL games in one season would be dope.

It's 3:22am, I'm going to bed after another chicken salad sandwich.

Oh yeah, GO PACKERS!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year

my new year started tuesday night/wednesday morning actually at 12am as beth and i decided to celebrate early because both of us wouldn't be in rva for new years. watched a movie and had some wine to bring in the new year, kissed her cute face when the 'ball' dropped. bummed i didn't get to last night, but was stoked we celebrated on our own regardless.

wednesday got up with brant and we did some running around with kevin and travis, we all took ashley to kroger and the ups store. visited for the love of chocolate in carytown, got some jawbreakers. came back and chilled for a bit before going to dudestorm.

thursday consisted of sleeping the afternoon away before getting lunch with beth and playing video games all afternoon. came home and chilled with brant before getting up with q, emily, sb, and carlos at some place in shockoe. thought it was friday night and expected a billion taxis to be out on main street but found none (then was later told you can't hail a cab in rva you have to call ahead) so I walked from 14th and main to my house on harrison. drove to beths and said goodnight before getting back up with the previous party and then coming home to crash.

my new years eve was filled with driving all over the backroads of north-western va, west virginia, maryland and pennsylvania. cccrrrraaazzzzyyyyy roads. got here, ate at dennys, watched st. louis vs pheonix and then watched the ball drop.

the winter classic has been pushed back to 8pm, so now im just killing time in the hotel room before going to heinz field.