Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"the best month of 2011"

we'll see, it's been pretty rad thus far. rad chiller for alexa's birthday, got to sleep in the next day as well then watched Wrestlemania. pre-gamed for explosions in the sky with kdog and heard my favorite song when i saw them last time (Your Hand In Mine), and my current favorite song by them (Yasmin The Light). went to raleigh with jeremy to see the Wings play the Hurricanes, and although they lost I had a rad time hanging out. had a good weekend as well.

got more accomplished on a monday then i have in a long time, and although i didn't complete the two intended tasks. im kinda stoked i had such a productive day. and even better, had lunch with good people.

im stoked for thursday (Philly's vs Nationals) and to be in the company of good people. not to mention getting my car back! this weekend also looks pretty promising.

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