Friday, May 13, 2011

As it stands

knowing I could of been done with college yesterday is an odd feeling, i don't regret at all not being done though as my first two years of school bullshitting and chilling hard were entirely worth it. procrastinating shit till the last second only to ultimately either not do it or give a half ass effort and then play halo 2 with everybody in semaj and i's dorm or walking to brant's car to go to taco bell at quarter to two on a tuesday morning. these are the time's im not going to forget from school, not to mention all the other ridiculousness that ensued in that dorm room.

then eliminating my social life and staying on my grind all last year with ashley and the constant cycle of school, work, and the library to turn my GPA around after changing majors from mathematics to information systems.

this year of balancing more things out i believe with a little less emphasis on school but still maintaining my grades, i only would have liked to of worked a little more this school year. but oh well, that's what the summer's for anyway right?

crazy to think i've been in this city for four years and this is going to be my first summer residing in richmond. taking the opportunity to knock out some summer classes so i won't be obligated to my studies come spring time. it'll be interesting to see as to what transpires when i don't have to go to class and im here working and riding out my lease.

however im not entirely sure how i feel about staying here for the summer, past summers i was bitching and moaning about going back home to deep creek to stay bored and to get on my 40-hour a week/4-day work grind. however the internship treated me well all three summers and left me with some 3 day weekends i can never forget:

Tennessee for July 4th weekend 2009 to chill with Brant
JMU to trill with Morris and Erika
NYC with Keo and the three Dorsey sisters
Countless RVA trips for the weekends
Philadelphia plenty of times to see my brother
Last year's insanity July 4th Weekend with JD (and god damn do i miss her)
Trips to Delaware with father to see the Outlaws at Delaware International Speedway
Wisconsin to see Grandma and Hannah

and that was only the past two summers as i can't remember too much of what i did the first one, but remember it was full of plenty of RVA trips.

I bitched about how bored I stayed during the week at home, but even that wasn't too bad. I had my neighbors who are always holding it down and ready to chill whenever, my sister's clay and allyse to get into all sorts of craziness with, lisa chan to take to dinner and have girltalk with. realtalk, i'm going to miss not being home at some points in the summer i believe, but no worries i'll find my way down there a couple times before the summer's all said and done.

i do look forward to being here though as well, hanging out with people i always try to chill with but never do during the school year due to conflicting schedules. hanging out with everybody i see on a regular basis and hanging out more in general.

next week is my cousin's wedding in upstate new york, im excited. cat and i are meeting up with nathan and adrian in philly, then riding up the next day to chill hard with my other cousin for a night before the weekend of festivities begins.

when i get back to richmond i start my summer class that monday at 1pm. till late june i'll be on a 1-315 monday through thursday school schedule and working hopefully too much on the weekends. then after that it's just a tuesday and thursday night 6-840pm class till early august, but hopefully that allows for more travel time as i can then actually get some shifts during the week. 

you can see where im skeptical as compared to past summers how this one will go.


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