Sunday, February 27, 2011

too awesome of a week?

this past week ruled hard, perhaps too hard.

Sunday after work was rad, chilled with Cat and we got on our GSD grind. Got called in Monday and didn't study for shit. Test performance Tuesday was meh, then went to D.C. to see Thursday play with Cait, Nate, Travis, David and Taylor.

Saw Animals As Leaders play their final 2 songs by the time I arrived, was nice to hear. Probably wouldn't listen to it recorded on a normal basis though, none the less it was cool to see what they were about. Thursday was rad. Played Full Collapse from start to finish. Nice album to add to the list of albums I've seen completed from start to finish.

- 7 Angels 7 Plagues/Jhazmyne's Lullaby 8/5/06
- Everything Falls Together/Self-Titled 8/2/08
- Norma Jean/Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child 12/14/09
- Thursday/Full Collapse 2/22/11

Wednesday I chilled way hard and went to class, only after to continue chilling way too hard and not studying for my shit Thursday. Had GT! with SB Thursday morning and studied for my classes, went to SB's for Carlos' dinner and then drove to Creek. When I got there it was a neighbor chiller, you already know.

Friday chilled with Mom at DCHS (SOOOO WEIRD BEING THERE AGAIN) had lunch with her and then went grocery shopping. Admirals game with Dad and got a picture with the Stanley Cup. Today I opened, napped and then got drunk with Dudestorm/Andrassy and then went to see Monster Trucks, shit ruled ssssooooo hard.
Now I'm not doing shit next week, lol.

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