Saturday, January 15, 2011

This hasn't been going

as constant as i'd like it to be, however i am coming to the end of my winter break. So as I become more confined to my computer, my responsibilities and my overall ability to get shit done when I need to...I'm sure I'll post more about it. Also, I'm very anxious to see how I balance my time as the semester kicks off and hope I can have another GPA boosting semester.

In an attempt to become less OCD I got a moleskine day planner so I may be more maneuverable than my desk calendar I sported for so long, thanks Nathan for inspiring me to get more organized at the expense of my inner jacker pocket or back right jean pocket.

All I've really done the past few days has been organized my room beyond belief, have dinner with my best friend Catherine at Black Sheep and lunch with Gilline the next day in Deep Creek. I got told I had no cavities again (have still never had one), and that my eyesight has remained the same since my last check-up. Hung out with the rents and chilled hard with the neighbors both nights, you already know.

Work was alright today, I don't really enjoy the idea of having work for the duration of the weekend and having school for Tuesday and Thursday all day and Wednesday night. I think I may look into switching my schedule around during the first week of school.

I got fitted for my tuxedo for cousin AJ's wedding, it should be rad. I'm stoked to have something to look forward to for the end of the semester, a weekend out of town trip would be rad come late Spring time.

Talked to Newport today about the idea of going to a Hurricanes or Caps game by the end of the season, I support it. Three NHL games in one season would be dope.

It's 3:22am, I'm going to bed after another chicken salad sandwich.

Oh yeah, GO PACKERS!

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