Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this past weekend was rad

kinda crazy too, as crazy as 3 nights in a row of drinking will allow. friday was laura's bday party which was rad, got pretty tipsy and biked the length of hanover to get back to my crib. miss living on that side of the fan, sssooooo much quieter. saturday after work went over to nate's for his 23rd and prince's going away party, that was rad. cait in her drunken generosity offered me a proposition i may not be able to refuse. kinda stoked. picked up a drunken sarah bennett way later in the early morning then i would of liked and dropped her off at carlos'. after work sunday chilled with semaj for a while, which was rad because we haven't done that in forever. drank over at lauren's with a few people. now im halfway through this boring week of school. feeling sick today, but now im just chilling in the back of mgmt320 listening to the wings/blues game.

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