Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the wedding of albert novak and brittany tice

last wednesday, cat and i rode up to philly to chill with nathan and adrian for the evening before making our way to new york. got there and adrian was actually in nj attending to something.

thursday morning woke up to delicious pancakes and coffee before cat and i went out shoe shopping to match her cute dress. after a few spots, and a few more hundred miles we found some red flats at target (go figure). got to queensbury later then expected and chilled for a bit with my cousin jennifer and her boyfriend brad. trilled hard and watched archer. 

friday picked up my tux and we made our way to our hotel room in the outskirts of schenectady. hit up the pool at the hotel and the liquor store down the street. cat, adrian and my mother got tipsy while i got dropped off at the wedding rehearsal and then later met up with them for the dinner. chowed down and crashed super hard after that.

saturday was judgement day and also the day of the wedding. woke up early and had a quick swim with nathan before i went to my aunt/uncles to get ready. nate came too as he was shooting the wedding. was 15 minutes late to their house but that was alright as i was the first person there who didn't live there. slowly the other groomsmen piled in and then AJ came in exclaiming he felt like shit and he had to hurl. he slowly got it together and we got dressed/ready for the big day. leaving the crib was cool, didn't know we'd be styling to the wedding in a limo. a glass of cheap champagne and a quick stop at the liquor store equaled to be about 4 drinks before the actual wedding started, and for somebody who doesn't drink that often (and never that early) i was pretty set as far as being "set" went. walked my aunt tina down the aisle to her seat at the beginning of the wedding and then accompanied cousin jennifer down the aisle. watched my cousin get married, congrats to AJ and Brittany! a dozen of us rode to the reception styling hard again in the limo, another limo ride = more drinking. got to the reception smirking like a tipsy smartass who was only halfway through his day of ballin' hard in his lavender tuxedo. cousin jennifer exclaimed brad was on the other side of the parking lot with a surprise for us. after this pleasant surprise we went in and got a look at the reception area, such a nice place the reception was at. ordered a drink as soon as i got there as i was told only the first hour of the reception was open bar. however it turned out to be the entire evening, so i was like fuck it...wound up having 7 jack and cokes. yep, was a fun afternoon to say the least. ate dinner, and stood by the stage with jennifer as aj and brittany had their first dance, noticed jenn and i were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with that hand on the others far shoulder. asked her if we were supporting each other up and she responded, "if you're asking, it's happening". we both lol'd and decided not to break character as to not draw attention to us. talked to some relatives i never see, gave'm the school/work/life breakdown right quick. talked to my grandparents. grandma informed me she had a surprise for me, then told me a second later it was my favorite cookies she makes. think dunkin doughnuts doughnut holes but a million times better and made from a whole package of crushed up double stuff oreos, as i tweeted earlier this week "best cookies ever, your grandma's cookies ain't got shit on grandma novak's". looked down at my watch at 5:59pm, a minute before the world was suppose to end, and told cat that if the world ended in a minute thanks for being my bfffl and thanks for accompanying me to the wedding. turned out the world didn't end and lord satan ensured i had more time to enjoy the ballin' afternoon. oh yeah, all those jack and coke's must have done something to me as far as getting pent up urges to dance went. as the evening progressed the playlist got a little more geared towards the younger crowd and dancing ensued. chilled out a bit more after the reception and then crashed the hardest i had all weekend.

sunday we were on our way back home as i was 500 miles away from home and needed to be in class at 1pm monday. got to philly to drop off nathan and adrian, chill pills and a coffee before getting back on the road. made a few stops and eventually got back to richmond around 1130pm. 

overall, rad weekend. more people need to get married soon so i can attend more weddings, realtalk.

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