Tuesday, January 18, 2011

vacation's over

sucks because it was amazing.

hungout with so many rad people over break, some i hadn't seen in forever. shit was mad fun.

so hopefully by the end of the week i'll only have classes tuesday and thursday, i've got a wednesday night 7pm that im trying to get switched up currently. but here it is currently:

info364 TR 11-1215
info361 TR 1230-145

fire 311 TR 530-645

 econ 303 T 7-940
mgmt 320 W 7-940

words can't describe how stoked i'll be if i can get into the thursday night section of 320. i've had class 5 days a week since my college career began.

today was rad, slept in way longer than promised (half expected). chilled with the shorty, ate pantera bread, chilled at cat and kdogs and played sorry and clue after little mexico with stephanie, anthony, and morris.

i feel way to "antsy" to go to sleep, i ALWAYS have a hard time sleeping before the first day of class. however i'm about to try, i feel pretty damn prepared for tomorrow.

always trying to get lunch tuesday and thursday for anyone down

oh yeah, the beat/bass during the chorus of "Monster" is so ridiculous.

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