Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this past weekend was rad

kinda crazy too, as crazy as 3 nights in a row of drinking will allow. friday was laura's bday party which was rad, got pretty tipsy and biked the length of hanover to get back to my crib. miss living on that side of the fan, sssooooo much quieter. saturday after work went over to nate's for his 23rd and prince's going away party, that was rad. cait in her drunken generosity offered me a proposition i may not be able to refuse. kinda stoked. picked up a drunken sarah bennett way later in the early morning then i would of liked and dropped her off at carlos'. after work sunday chilled with semaj for a while, which was rad because we haven't done that in forever. drank over at lauren's with a few people. now im halfway through this boring week of school. feeling sick today, but now im just chilling in the back of mgmt320 listening to the wings/blues game.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

nathans birthday

upon arrival to philly saturday after work, cat and i got up with nathan and adrian after dinner with a bunch of friends. hungout at the apartment with everyone and chilled for a bit before bed. sunday explored an old abandoned elementary school, shit was crazy. later in the evening went for sushi, nathan and i turned to glutenous pigs and demolished as much as possible. watched some films nathan had made in school on a projector and chilled the rest of the evening away. today we left philly and came back to richmond, i dropped cat off and picked up sb to exchange cars with dad in newport news. came back and watched the pens defeat the wings.

fun spring break, not stoked on this week in the least.

Friday, March 18, 2011

halfway through spring break

and it's been pretty rad. did good on my tests before spring break.had a fun photo shoot with colleen and then lunch. saw waiting mortuary later that night in a basement on hell block. next night chilled with prince and the crew over at nate's house for his welcome home party. went to chesapeake after work sunday and hungout with the neighbors, sister allyse, and lisa chan for a bit while home. mad fun, good trip home. been working 12-C, Friday will be day three of that. chilled at dudestorm annex for st. patty's day tonight. probably gonna go to bed right after work friday, to open saturday and then drive to philly with catherine to chill with nate and adrian, sssoooo stoked for that.

Monday, March 7, 2011

staying on my grind until spring break

then who knows? maybe i'll stay on it during the break too.

worked all god damn weekend (which is sweet, the last two paychecks have been peanuts). did my laundry this morning and am in mid-GSD with Cat. just ran 4 miles in under 40 minutes, ssssooooo stoked. work 3-C, then Library to study for Econ303 and do some Fire311.

Got 2 tests and an assignment due this week, then I have an 11-day spring break. CHYEAH!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

so heavy

nothing would get my dick harder

then what i just got a phone call about working out.

productive day

although i didn't get all that i wanted accomplished today, i did get a lot of shit done. went to my info systems classes and sat in the compass with nick, travis and colleen, but not before getting some pantera bread (turkey artichoke). gsd grind with cat, you already know. sat through a ridiculous sub that had horrible hand writing in fire311. econ was sweet as always and i did my homework due thursday tonight! boomshakalaka!

i also got some ridiculous parking ticket today over some shit i've never heard of and there was no sign anywhere around. parked at the street behind my crib and park, apparently you can't park within 20 feet of an intersection in richmond. the fuck? first time i've heard of this, and i've  never seen tickets for that on any cars parked how i was before. soooo pissed.

sunday sucked though, work was alright but then i took a nap and felt shitty when i woke up. i had the oddest of stomach pains i'd ever had and tried to settle my stomach with a slice of bread. that made me blow chunks like 2 minutes later. looked and it was red as shit with what i had forgotten to be the blueberries i had eaten upon arriving home from work. by this point im like "whoa! what the fuck? what do i do?" however, i felt a million times better after i hurled so then i rolled over to carlos to chill with him, q and sb.

TRADE DEADLINE MONDAY: my stomach was still aggrivating me. however, not nearly to the degree it was sunday when i woke up from my nap. gsd grind with cat, and watched part of the game.

attn washington: good move picking up arnott, ovi hasn't lived up to the hype this year. and an assist tonight? ya'll  stoked. however i still believe tampa has your number, and i mean you guys can only go up from your performance last year in the playoffs. boom.

attn san jose: i see you.

attn new jersey: keep winning.

im out, i didn't make a reference sheet for my test tomorrow but it's not till 7p.