Monday, August 29, 2011

first day of school

yep, summer's over. it wasn't as awesome as past summers for sure, but i knew that ahead of time and had an alright one anyway. went to a wedding, got my two summer classes done, saw brant when he visited, saw hopesfall with travis, had a few days to chill in deep creek and saw some people i hadn't seen in a minute before going to philly with the rents. last weekend was suppose to be epic in DC with Eli, but hurricane Irene made other plans and the weekend was epic in Richmond.

had class today, kinda cool only having it 3 days a week, and not before 530. TCP/IP seems like its going to be interesting, and Intro to SAP looks like a cross between info360 and mgmt 320...BORING.

Monday, August 8, 2011

the way i see it, summer's just about over

and as i said, once my summer classes got done i knew i'd be a little more stoked on taking them and not going home for the summer (i got B's in both of them btw). and although at times i was in doubt of that, now knowing 4 classes stand between me and being done with this thing we call "higher education" im pretty stoked.

in recent weeks a couple things have happened: i sold both my video game systems, i got a new phone, saw james/morris' band play (basement dweller, check that shit), had a gastro appointment and scheduled surgery for later this month, bought tickets to see detroit play in washington 10/22/11, saw jd when she came down for cait's birthday, and went with travis to winston-salem to see the hopesfall reunion.

in the coming weeks i have a few things planned before school starts back up: back home to hangout with hannah for a bit/take her to the airport, best friends day, a gastro procedure, a weekend in DC with Eli, and then the weekend after school starts a trip to Philly to chill with Nathan and Adrian

that show was way sweet, the area of winston-salem looked pretty shitty. but everything else was pretty cool, we got there WAAAYYYYYY too early however and sat around in my car for 3 hours before the show even started. Harvard was alrighty, and Hopesfall was super sweet. The raddest part was easily all the older kids moshing with the biggest smiles on their faces, you could tell some of them had been waiting for that day for a long time.