Monday, January 31, 2011

thank you kdog

for the greatest news since 2011 started.

this awesome show was 3 years ago today, went with brant, semaj and kevin.

Very rad weekend

Thursday after class chilled with Cat and Kdog for a while after running into Patrice and running errands/walking around with her.

Friday woke up and had breakfast with Travis and Momma Maynard. Went right back to sleep after breakfast until work. Work wasn't too bad, and afterwords got up with Q and went to my old neighbor Matty's house for his birthday in Oregon Hill. Soooo many people at that house, goodness gracious.

Opened Saturday and napped when I got home and then later went to little Dave's 18th bday, saw Cait, Graham and Bryan. Met Cait's new boy, he seems like a pretty rad dude.

Today wasn't horrible at work, left at three and came home to watch the NHL All Star Game. Team Lidstrom all day son, I called that shit. Carlos and Sarah Bennett made me dinner, we watched Taken. That movie rules, so god damn brutal. Said what's up at Dudestorm after, now I'm at the library because my internet sucks at home.

I don't work or have school tomorrow, I'm afraid I'll be horribly bored all day tomorrow. Not used to not being constantly busy, shit's still hard to get used to.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

weird mood as of late

now that i've been thrown back into the rush of school/work/responsibilities i've been craving the lazy/relaxing/enjoyable feeling i felt all winter break. sucks too cause i haven't even done anything academically yet and there's still plenty of time in the semester.

this weekend really drained me of any and all energy, and although today wasn't bad it was still pretty long. i've noticed that i don't enjoy going to class on tuesdays when the sun is almost down, however my schedule is the best possible arrangement i could have had.

i dunno, the winter always sets me in an odd mood. i tend to get less motivated, stay in shitty moods longer, and eat large servings of mac and cheese when boredom strikes.

i know i'd be fine if i had something more to occupy my time, but the past few nights i've just been overwhelmingly in a "meh" mood. it sucks too cause i don't even really have anything to bitch about, i'm just complaining on my blog to myself about irrelevant things that won't even be a problem most likely in a few days. i'm sorry if you've made it this far and are still reading.

i wish i wasn't too lazy to wake up at a respectable time and go to the gym in the mornings, i enjoyed doing that at the end of last spring semester with kdog a couple times a week.

guess i'll see how tomorrow goes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

saturday night

my weekend was overloaded with work: fri 12-c, sat 10-c, sun 9-c, mon 12-430. saturday night hangouts and chris' show ruled. sunday i crashed after work hard right after promising travis i'd pick'm up from work. afterwords went to semaj's to get a bit more organized for the semester, watched him play red dead redemption.. worked today and got off work a half hour early, all too slow. came home and chilled with quintin, now im procrastinating in the library.

and since this is over now i need to find something else on the internet to distract me, later.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


first day of school

my first day wasn't as bad as i had made it out to be about 4 hours ago, however now i can't sleep so my day is beginning to suck a little more.

database systems seems like its going to be pretty painless, and systems analysis and design seems pretty sweet. alex is in both of those classes, so at least now i have someone to talk to in my IS classes (finally).

took ashley to patient first around 2, feel bad for her she definitely has a stomach virus pretty bad. came home and napped for a little. woke up and walked towards the business building again, suddenly becoming aware that i signed up for 4 hours of class starting at 5:30pm

fire311 seems kinda intense, i'm sure i'll get through it though. econ303 didn't seem too bad, kinda picked up where we left off in econ210/211.

ate so much fucking mac and cheese earlier, shit ruled. watched me and you and everybody we know

best scene:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

vacation's over

sucks because it was amazing.

hungout with so many rad people over break, some i hadn't seen in forever. shit was mad fun.

so hopefully by the end of the week i'll only have classes tuesday and thursday, i've got a wednesday night 7pm that im trying to get switched up currently. but here it is currently:

info364 TR 11-1215
info361 TR 1230-145

fire 311 TR 530-645

 econ 303 T 7-940
mgmt 320 W 7-940

words can't describe how stoked i'll be if i can get into the thursday night section of 320. i've had class 5 days a week since my college career began.

today was rad, slept in way longer than promised (half expected). chilled with the shorty, ate pantera bread, chilled at cat and kdogs and played sorry and clue after little mexico with stephanie, anthony, and morris.

i feel way to "antsy" to go to sleep, i ALWAYS have a hard time sleeping before the first day of class. however i'm about to try, i feel pretty damn prepared for tomorrow.

always trying to get lunch tuesday and thursday for anyone down

oh yeah, the beat/bass during the chorus of "Monster" is so ridiculous.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This hasn't been going

as constant as i'd like it to be, however i am coming to the end of my winter break. So as I become more confined to my computer, my responsibilities and my overall ability to get shit done when I need to...I'm sure I'll post more about it. Also, I'm very anxious to see how I balance my time as the semester kicks off and hope I can have another GPA boosting semester.

In an attempt to become less OCD I got a moleskine day planner so I may be more maneuverable than my desk calendar I sported for so long, thanks Nathan for inspiring me to get more organized at the expense of my inner jacker pocket or back right jean pocket.

All I've really done the past few days has been organized my room beyond belief, have dinner with my best friend Catherine at Black Sheep and lunch with Gilline the next day in Deep Creek. I got told I had no cavities again (have still never had one), and that my eyesight has remained the same since my last check-up. Hung out with the rents and chilled hard with the neighbors both nights, you already know.

Work was alright today, I don't really enjoy the idea of having work for the duration of the weekend and having school for Tuesday and Thursday all day and Wednesday night. I think I may look into switching my schedule around during the first week of school.

I got fitted for my tuxedo for cousin AJ's wedding, it should be rad. I'm stoked to have something to look forward to for the end of the semester, a weekend out of town trip would be rad come late Spring time.

Talked to Newport today about the idea of going to a Hurricanes or Caps game by the end of the season, I support it. Three NHL games in one season would be dope.

It's 3:22am, I'm going to bed after another chicken salad sandwich.

Oh yeah, GO PACKERS!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year

my new year started tuesday night/wednesday morning actually at 12am as beth and i decided to celebrate early because both of us wouldn't be in rva for new years. watched a movie and had some wine to bring in the new year, kissed her cute face when the 'ball' dropped. bummed i didn't get to last night, but was stoked we celebrated on our own regardless.

wednesday got up with brant and we did some running around with kevin and travis, we all took ashley to kroger and the ups store. visited for the love of chocolate in carytown, got some jawbreakers. came back and chilled for a bit before going to dudestorm.

thursday consisted of sleeping the afternoon away before getting lunch with beth and playing video games all afternoon. came home and chilled with brant before getting up with q, emily, sb, and carlos at some place in shockoe. thought it was friday night and expected a billion taxis to be out on main street but found none (then was later told you can't hail a cab in rva you have to call ahead) so I walked from 14th and main to my house on harrison. drove to beths and said goodnight before getting back up with the previous party and then coming home to crash.

my new years eve was filled with driving all over the backroads of north-western va, west virginia, maryland and pennsylvania. cccrrrraaazzzzyyyyy roads. got here, ate at dennys, watched st. louis vs pheonix and then watched the ball drop.

the winter classic has been pushed back to 8pm, so now im just killing time in the hotel room before going to heinz field.