Wednesday, January 26, 2011

weird mood as of late

now that i've been thrown back into the rush of school/work/responsibilities i've been craving the lazy/relaxing/enjoyable feeling i felt all winter break. sucks too cause i haven't even done anything academically yet and there's still plenty of time in the semester.

this weekend really drained me of any and all energy, and although today wasn't bad it was still pretty long. i've noticed that i don't enjoy going to class on tuesdays when the sun is almost down, however my schedule is the best possible arrangement i could have had.

i dunno, the winter always sets me in an odd mood. i tend to get less motivated, stay in shitty moods longer, and eat large servings of mac and cheese when boredom strikes.

i know i'd be fine if i had something more to occupy my time, but the past few nights i've just been overwhelmingly in a "meh" mood. it sucks too cause i don't even really have anything to bitch about, i'm just complaining on my blog to myself about irrelevant things that won't even be a problem most likely in a few days. i'm sorry if you've made it this far and are still reading.

i wish i wasn't too lazy to wake up at a respectable time and go to the gym in the mornings, i enjoyed doing that at the end of last spring semester with kdog a couple times a week.

guess i'll see how tomorrow goes.

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