Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year

my new year started tuesday night/wednesday morning actually at 12am as beth and i decided to celebrate early because both of us wouldn't be in rva for new years. watched a movie and had some wine to bring in the new year, kissed her cute face when the 'ball' dropped. bummed i didn't get to last night, but was stoked we celebrated on our own regardless.

wednesday got up with brant and we did some running around with kevin and travis, we all took ashley to kroger and the ups store. visited for the love of chocolate in carytown, got some jawbreakers. came back and chilled for a bit before going to dudestorm.

thursday consisted of sleeping the afternoon away before getting lunch with beth and playing video games all afternoon. came home and chilled with brant before getting up with q, emily, sb, and carlos at some place in shockoe. thought it was friday night and expected a billion taxis to be out on main street but found none (then was later told you can't hail a cab in rva you have to call ahead) so I walked from 14th and main to my house on harrison. drove to beths and said goodnight before getting back up with the previous party and then coming home to crash.

my new years eve was filled with driving all over the backroads of north-western va, west virginia, maryland and pennsylvania. cccrrrraaazzzzyyyyy roads. got here, ate at dennys, watched st. louis vs pheonix and then watched the ball drop.

the winter classic has been pushed back to 8pm, so now im just killing time in the hotel room before going to heinz field.

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