Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the most intense part of the series thus far

if you havent begun to watch the series yet, this short clip doesn't do it justice.

but it's my favorite part.

Monday, November 29, 2010

extended weekend

saturday i worked in the morning and left after lunch, came home and napped for entirely too long then hungout at dudestorm annex and then sb's.

sunday at work dragged to all hell and then i drove to chesapeake to chill with the neighbors

this morning i had a doctor's appointment and then sister clay gave me a haircut, i dig it. late lunch with mom and grandma before dropping grandma off at norfolk international.

dudestorm was rad enough to let me use their crib friday, stoked.

now im about to drive back up to rva, im studying my ass off tonight and then taking my test tomorrow morning.

kinda nervous but more stoked to just get this shit done with.

tomorrow's going to make or break my determination/motivation for the remainder of the semester.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Post

Yesterday I took my grandmother to lunch at the Nordstrom at Macarthur, she really enjoyed her Chicken Panini, I had the Tuscan Salmon. Then she had to pick up some stuff for a desert dish she made for Thanksgiving dinner so we went to another place where I once worked. Grandma bought me a 12 pack of Harps, stoked. Later I went with father to the Admirals game, they were winning 3-2 with a minute left in regulation and then eventually lost 4-3 in regulation. Qmoney came to chill with the neighbors and I yesterday on his birthday, said whats up to him and wished him a happy birthday.

While watching The Patriots comeback against the Lions, I suppose I'll make a list of what I'm thankful for.

In no particular order:
- Math
- Technology
- Mom, Dad and Nathan
- Friends
- The Internet
- The National Hockey League
- The chemistry of the Detroit Red Wings
- The Norfolk Admirals
- The Green Bay Packers
- My job
- My chill coworkers
- The IS department at VCU
- Dudestorm
- Cat and Kendal
- Steven and Jess
- Cait, Cupcake, Bryan and Graham
- The Devil and all things evil
- Metal and all forms of it
- My Sentra
- Rad Roommate
- My neighbors
- GMFB & NNC life

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RVA ---> DC

Tuesday was a rad day to say the least, turned in my stats homework (first time i've done that in a minute) and chilled through class. Came home and showered, turned in my info370 project, did the dishes with Kevin and caught up for a bit and then made a trip to the liquor store for a coworker. Sat in info370 through a lecture and an extra guest speaker before skipping my final class of the day to see Ashley for a second before she ran off to hang with Rosel. Napped for a 40 minutes longer than my intended 20 minute catnap and picked up Morris and Catherine to go back to the 7 Cities. Had good catching up conversations about current and future plans. Dropped them off and raged with Tom and Brandon across the street before crashing hard as fuck and waking up to an empty container of blackberries next to the inflatable mattress upstairs in Nathans old room. Which is now the oddest shade of red and it throws me off everytime I go up there.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

monday turned out differently than expected

i woke up later than i wanted to to do the final set of review questions. skipped marketing and visited cat at her office to finish up part of my project with my partner. came home and did the rest of my review questions. switched shifts with alex and got to work at 3pm for a pretty chill shift. stats homework in the library after work, taco bell with ashley then crashed pretty hard.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

so much for plans after work

9-6 sucked, not getting the assignment done sucked, the 4th episode of walking dead was sweet, not doing my final 100 questions sucked.

now i'm off to bed, when i should already be in bed so that i can wake up to do the questions that i should be in the middle of doing currently.

too busy, too much.

only 100 questions left

today at work was kinda hectic, i ran out of chicken panini's way early into lunch in anticipation of other things needing more attention (like turkey paninis). that shit sucked, and as a result of lunch sucking all around pretty much i got out an hour later.

came home and took a much needed nap for a little less than an hour and a half and then proceeded to wake up, take a shower, order panda garden and then knock out 100 more questions towards my certification. only 100 left that i plan on knocking out tomorrow night and then i'll be set.

got up with travis and semaj and we rolled over to caits for a bit to see her graham, bryan, cupcake and rollins. sarah and alley were suppose to roll up but their voyage up got delayed a bit and i didn't see them before we dipped.

this week shall be interesting:

sun: 9-6, info370 assignment, final 100 questions
mon: 1145-830, stats homework
tues: class, driving to creek, doing it up with neighbors
weds: haircut, certification test, sister chiller maybe?, qmoney chiller for his bday
thurs: turkey, itis, maybe see a few people
fri: 9-6
sat: 10-3

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Pat Burns died yesterday. As well, Gilline's party got busted under bullshit circumstances, yet another reason why I hate cops.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

had girltalk with sarah bennett today

today i had lunch at panda garden for a second day in a row over girltalk with sarah bennett, the topics of discussion were rad as they always tend to be. im stoked to see she's recovering after her appendicitis attack last week. chilled at my house for a second while i payed my parking ticket and power bill. $30 split 2 ways. BOOMSHAKALAKA.

i attempted to do an assignment with my boo shauntriva from info370 but we ran into a list of bullshit problems that prevented us from completing it.

as well i managed to restart my computer halfway through a set of review questions for my test, i've realized when i near the end of an assignment i tend to drag it out. i can't count how many times i've done a set of 100 questions only to have stopped between 92-97 to go make a sandwich, take a shower, fuckin...take a nap, or something else ridiculous of the nature.

tomorrow's gilline's birthday party/classy ass party and my intended date is working a double, it's all good though. i'm suppose to get up with kdog and go, which will be rad to hangout with kdiggity again.

as far as my day tomorrow goes: class 10a, work 11.75a-8.5p then gilline's 9.5-?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Xanga, Blogspot, 2 Paper Diaries, now back to Blogspot

i've filled up my second of two paper diaries (first was 5/21/09-12/23/09 and the second 4/22/10-11/16/10) so i decided i'd start one online again. i've missed keeping an online journal, it keeps things interesting.

today i signed up for classes and i'm not too stoked on next semester, currently just tuesday and thursday classes. however, im sure my schedule will go through multiple revisions before its set in stone (as it always does).

i'm getting closer to being done with my certification test, which would be rad seeing as it's been something i've put off for months now. i hope to schedule the test for tuesday or wednesday of next week as to get all that shit done before thanksgiving. as well, i can't wait for this semester to be over, i need a break and to chillax for a while.

i'm anxious to go home tuesday night for thanksgiving, treydog gave me that wednesday off so hopefully Q-money and I will be chilling wednesday night in creek for his bday, as well as chilling with Ms. Cleaves as it's been 6 months since I saw her at MaCRoCk XIII. i also need to see sister clay when i get home so he can give me a fresh cut, my hairs too fucking long and it's getting ridiculous.

oh yeah, saw oceano and chelsea grin at the hat factory sunday. chelsea grin seemed to be a little over-hyped to me prior to their set, i stood in the back and watched. not gonna lie, was mad impressed while sending texts back and forth i definitely overheard one of the heaviest breakdowns of my life during their set. oceano was sweet too, 6 old songs and 4 new. i love when a band doesn't overload you with unfamiliar new shit. set went OONOONONNO and boomshakalaka i was out. sat through in the midst of lions and attila before that and was so ready to go by the end of the night. kinda freaks me out how i used to be able to sit through all day fests with a smile on my face and now i find it difficult to stand through 4 sets. oh well, with shows now it's definitely quality > quantity now a days.

had lunch and did laundry with brendan today, that was rad. it was nice to catch-up. dinner with semaj, travis and ashley here in a second.