Thursday, February 2, 2012

i've neglected you online journal.

since our last hangout i've seen the wings play three times: a blowout loss in washington, a win in pittsburgh, and an upset in long island. each time was a total blast, and im stoked i still have at least two more games to go to this season. 

and just like that my final semester of college was over with, im just now starting to be productive after graduating. christmas and new years was wonderful and this month of adjusting to life no longer being a student has been kinda weird. for a while i kept waking up every day (or afternoon) thinking i should have something to actually do besides going to work for at most 8 hours. as a result at times i was feeling unmotivated and unproductive without any deadlines being imposed.

however in the past week i've turned that around a bit, so that's sweet.