Monday, January 31, 2011

Very rad weekend

Thursday after class chilled with Cat and Kdog for a while after running into Patrice and running errands/walking around with her.

Friday woke up and had breakfast with Travis and Momma Maynard. Went right back to sleep after breakfast until work. Work wasn't too bad, and afterwords got up with Q and went to my old neighbor Matty's house for his birthday in Oregon Hill. Soooo many people at that house, goodness gracious.

Opened Saturday and napped when I got home and then later went to little Dave's 18th bday, saw Cait, Graham and Bryan. Met Cait's new boy, he seems like a pretty rad dude.

Today wasn't horrible at work, left at three and came home to watch the NHL All Star Game. Team Lidstrom all day son, I called that shit. Carlos and Sarah Bennett made me dinner, we watched Taken. That movie rules, so god damn brutal. Said what's up at Dudestorm after, now I'm at the library because my internet sucks at home.

I don't work or have school tomorrow, I'm afraid I'll be horribly bored all day tomorrow. Not used to not being constantly busy, shit's still hard to get used to.

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