Wednesday, January 19, 2011

first day of school

my first day wasn't as bad as i had made it out to be about 4 hours ago, however now i can't sleep so my day is beginning to suck a little more.

database systems seems like its going to be pretty painless, and systems analysis and design seems pretty sweet. alex is in both of those classes, so at least now i have someone to talk to in my IS classes (finally).

took ashley to patient first around 2, feel bad for her she definitely has a stomach virus pretty bad. came home and napped for a little. woke up and walked towards the business building again, suddenly becoming aware that i signed up for 4 hours of class starting at 5:30pm

fire311 seems kinda intense, i'm sure i'll get through it though. econ303 didn't seem too bad, kinda picked up where we left off in econ210/211.

ate so much fucking mac and cheese earlier, shit ruled. watched me and you and everybody we know

best scene:

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