Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Xanga, Blogspot, 2 Paper Diaries, now back to Blogspot

i've filled up my second of two paper diaries (first was 5/21/09-12/23/09 and the second 4/22/10-11/16/10) so i decided i'd start one online again. i've missed keeping an online journal, it keeps things interesting.

today i signed up for classes and i'm not too stoked on next semester, currently just tuesday and thursday classes. however, im sure my schedule will go through multiple revisions before its set in stone (as it always does).

i'm getting closer to being done with my certification test, which would be rad seeing as it's been something i've put off for months now. i hope to schedule the test for tuesday or wednesday of next week as to get all that shit done before thanksgiving. as well, i can't wait for this semester to be over, i need a break and to chillax for a while.

i'm anxious to go home tuesday night for thanksgiving, treydog gave me that wednesday off so hopefully Q-money and I will be chilling wednesday night in creek for his bday, as well as chilling with Ms. Cleaves as it's been 6 months since I saw her at MaCRoCk XIII. i also need to see sister clay when i get home so he can give me a fresh cut, my hairs too fucking long and it's getting ridiculous.

oh yeah, saw oceano and chelsea grin at the hat factory sunday. chelsea grin seemed to be a little over-hyped to me prior to their set, i stood in the back and watched. not gonna lie, was mad impressed while sending texts back and forth i definitely overheard one of the heaviest breakdowns of my life during their set. oceano was sweet too, 6 old songs and 4 new. i love when a band doesn't overload you with unfamiliar new shit. set went OONOONONNO and boomshakalaka i was out. sat through in the midst of lions and attila before that and was so ready to go by the end of the night. kinda freaks me out how i used to be able to sit through all day fests with a smile on my face and now i find it difficult to stand through 4 sets. oh well, with shows now it's definitely quality > quantity now a days.

had lunch and did laundry with brendan today, that was rad. it was nice to catch-up. dinner with semaj, travis and ashley here in a second.

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