Sunday, November 21, 2010

only 100 questions left

today at work was kinda hectic, i ran out of chicken panini's way early into lunch in anticipation of other things needing more attention (like turkey paninis). that shit sucked, and as a result of lunch sucking all around pretty much i got out an hour later.

came home and took a much needed nap for a little less than an hour and a half and then proceeded to wake up, take a shower, order panda garden and then knock out 100 more questions towards my certification. only 100 left that i plan on knocking out tomorrow night and then i'll be set.

got up with travis and semaj and we rolled over to caits for a bit to see her graham, bryan, cupcake and rollins. sarah and alley were suppose to roll up but their voyage up got delayed a bit and i didn't see them before we dipped.

this week shall be interesting:

sun: 9-6, info370 assignment, final 100 questions
mon: 1145-830, stats homework
tues: class, driving to creek, doing it up with neighbors
weds: haircut, certification test, sister chiller maybe?, qmoney chiller for his bday
thurs: turkey, itis, maybe see a few people
fri: 9-6
sat: 10-3

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