Thursday, November 18, 2010

had girltalk with sarah bennett today

today i had lunch at panda garden for a second day in a row over girltalk with sarah bennett, the topics of discussion were rad as they always tend to be. im stoked to see she's recovering after her appendicitis attack last week. chilled at my house for a second while i payed my parking ticket and power bill. $30 split 2 ways. BOOMSHAKALAKA.

i attempted to do an assignment with my boo shauntriva from info370 but we ran into a list of bullshit problems that prevented us from completing it.

as well i managed to restart my computer halfway through a set of review questions for my test, i've realized when i near the end of an assignment i tend to drag it out. i can't count how many times i've done a set of 100 questions only to have stopped between 92-97 to go make a sandwich, take a shower, fuckin...take a nap, or something else ridiculous of the nature.

tomorrow's gilline's birthday party/classy ass party and my intended date is working a double, it's all good though. i'm suppose to get up with kdog and go, which will be rad to hangout with kdiggity again.

as far as my day tomorrow goes: class 10a, work 11.75a-8.5p then gilline's 9.5-?

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