Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Post

Yesterday I took my grandmother to lunch at the Nordstrom at Macarthur, she really enjoyed her Chicken Panini, I had the Tuscan Salmon. Then she had to pick up some stuff for a desert dish she made for Thanksgiving dinner so we went to another place where I once worked. Grandma bought me a 12 pack of Harps, stoked. Later I went with father to the Admirals game, they were winning 3-2 with a minute left in regulation and then eventually lost 4-3 in regulation. Qmoney came to chill with the neighbors and I yesterday on his birthday, said whats up to him and wished him a happy birthday.

While watching The Patriots comeback against the Lions, I suppose I'll make a list of what I'm thankful for.

In no particular order:
- Math
- Technology
- Mom, Dad and Nathan
- Friends
- The Internet
- The National Hockey League
- The chemistry of the Detroit Red Wings
- The Norfolk Admirals
- The Green Bay Packers
- My job
- My chill coworkers
- The IS department at VCU
- Dudestorm
- Cat and Kendal
- Steven and Jess
- Cait, Cupcake, Bryan and Graham
- The Devil and all things evil
- Metal and all forms of it
- My Sentra
- Rad Roommate
- My neighbors
- GMFB & NNC life

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