Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RVA ---> DC

Tuesday was a rad day to say the least, turned in my stats homework (first time i've done that in a minute) and chilled through class. Came home and showered, turned in my info370 project, did the dishes with Kevin and caught up for a bit and then made a trip to the liquor store for a coworker. Sat in info370 through a lecture and an extra guest speaker before skipping my final class of the day to see Ashley for a second before she ran off to hang with Rosel. Napped for a 40 minutes longer than my intended 20 minute catnap and picked up Morris and Catherine to go back to the 7 Cities. Had good catching up conversations about current and future plans. Dropped them off and raged with Tom and Brandon across the street before crashing hard as fuck and waking up to an empty container of blackberries next to the inflatable mattress upstairs in Nathans old room. Which is now the oddest shade of red and it throws me off everytime I go up there.

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