Thursday, December 2, 2010

oy vei

so tuesday i took my certification test, i passed the first test, but not the second. what sucks the most honestly won't be having to fork out another $160 (although that does suck) for that particular test but that i was expecting to be said and done with the shit by now. and since im busy as fuck up until exams that'll be something else to throw in there as well.

luckily my exam week is pretty spread out with a handful of abacabb final shows that weekend. i hope they play at least one older song. i do enjoy the survivalist album, but i'd like to kill a few kids during 21 gun salute, or at the very least hear multiple stab wounds one more time.

Girltalk with SB tomorrow, stoked. Waking up early for breakfast,'s apparently important if it calls for GT over breakfast. As well, I'm stoked for tomorrow night.

Shit to do before next Thursday and leaving for Philly:

Get Marketing notes from Tyler
Stats homework and Project
Get up with Shauntriva to finish her project, corrections and test

Wow, nevermind, That's not as much as I thought it'd be, school related at least. However I'd like to maybe take my retake test next week? But I'm not sure how it'll pan out, may have to take it Monday the 13th or Wednesday the 15th..

I love that I've managed to turn my online journal into another organizational tool. Yep, this is how OCD and boring I can be.

Can't wait for tomorrow night, Philly and NJ next weekend and Christmas.

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