Monday, December 6, 2010

iz muh burfday

thanks for the birthday wishes guys.

im officially 22, that's not so much of an odd feeling as i thought it'd be. i feel as though this past year has flown by all too fast, being caught up in over-productive schedules and studying for this certification has just made me a few times remember "oh yeah, i'm 21 now."

being that it was my birthday i felt the urge to try to make it last all weekend, although it was today.

my party friday was all i could have asked for: my sisters, alley and sarah, and my brother and his lady traveled to hangout. everyone looked awesome, and a lot of people came out that i haven't seen in a minute due to me being too busy all the time. it was awesome and it meant a lot that everyone came out, so if you did. thanks a bunch.

big ups to:
- dudestorm for letting me have the shinanigan
- theresa, hilary, sarah bennett and carlos for all the baked goods.
- niki chen, travis, joe, dylan, emily, cescile and nathan for the gifts
- anyone who drove to hangout
- everyone who came and everyone who dressed up

saturday was filled with a five and a half hour shift then a long afternoon nap, chilled and then worked all day sunday before the season finale of walking dead.

which, eh...ending kinda let me down but we'll see how it transitions into next season.

chilled with q-money at midnight till 2am playing halo 2, shit ruled so hard. went to class and then relaxed for a second before grabbing cait for lunch and seeing jason at river city. dropped her off and then got panda garden takeout for dinner before chilling with catherine before we parted ways down main street. met up with jeremy for the wings game, travis and nick stopped by to say hey and the wings eventually lost 5-2.

lets hope that doesn't happen saturday in new jersey, so stoked for that game.

but until then i'm back on my hectic as fuck schedule status till then, it would have been so much easier had i just kept up with my stats project all semester.

test at 2pm tuesday, have to complete a good chunk tomorrow, work all day wednesday and library that night to turn in my project by 2pm thursday.

again, if i saw you at all this weekend/today thanks for making this weekend amazing.

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