Tuesday, December 14, 2010

back on my grind

Got an 80 on that test last Tuesday, 90 after corrections. Started my project for Stats that was due Thursday mad late Tuesday. Worked all day at the cafe Wednesday and then completed the rest of my project. Got done with it 3am Thursday and then turned it in with a celebration dance around 9am. Had girltalk with Sarah Bennett over Panda Garden. Thursday night went to West Point with Cait and dropped off Rollins (he's getting so big). Ate another dinner, shit ruled soooo hard. Raged with Q-money and Cait before bed.

Friday got up and drove to Philadelphia in under 4 hours (that's never fucking happened), got there and chilled for a bit before going out and doing whatever. Beat Nathan in chess, and then lost to Adrian. Had Chinese for dinner, then some delicious ice cream. Adrian and Cait rescued a turtle from the fish market and set it up in the tank in the living room. Woke up and went to the punk rock flea market, shit was huge and legit. Picked up a Christmas gift (I still have so much shopping to do!) then came back and got pizza before going to the hockey game.

We arrived a little late and missed two of the five goals, the wings won 4-1 over the devils. I enjoyed this trip though more than the one last year at Madison Square Garden though, not taking away from that excursion but the lighting of the Prudential Center was so legit and the arena was amazing looking because of it. Saw Jonathan Ericsson lose a fight and almost saw Kronwall layout a devil. Saw Zetterberg and Datsyuk score as well.

The drive back from Philly look 6 hours and was filled with accidents on 95S.

Yesterday I worked and then studied for my final that I took at 1pm today and it seemed to go over pretty well.

Finals Friday at 8am (marketing) and then Tuesday at 1pm (organizational behavior)

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